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There are so many things we could tell you about ourselves; like how many weddings we’ve photographed, the gear we carry or why we gravitate towards portrait photography. But that stuff isn’t as important to us as making sure you know who we really are, what we stand for and why we love what we do. So here’s the real story.

We are high school sweethearts who met when we were 15 and extra awkward. We went from best friends, to dating, to long distance, from crazy and young to ready to settle down. Austin proposed in the dead of winter while we were out fly fishing our favorite river and I was grumpy as heck all day leading up to it which makes a laughable story now. We got married outside surrounded by our family and closest friends and had the best day ever celebrating.

The best part of our relationship is that we truly love hanging out together and experiencing all life has to offer. We hike, fish, hunt, travel, photograph and explore together as much as possible and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We have made traveling to National Parks and epic outdoor spots a priority and try to make at least one big trip a year to dive in to some new spots.

As much as we love traveling and exploring, we are also homebodies. Happy to be relaxing at home with our cats or out in the garden getting veggies. We live in a small town in the mountains and close to the lake where we can canoe or kayak all day long. Basically we are living out our dream and making a life we really love!

Our friends and family always describe us as being laid back and easy to be around which comes in handy when we meet so many new people. We really value our relationships with our friends and family and think that building relationships and community is the best way to move everyone forward in life. We have found there’s always something unique that you can connect with people on and we really enjoy finding that out with everyone we meet.

So long story short is this: if you love life and adventure, value the people around you and are always up for a good time, then we will be a great fit working together!

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This Is Us

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top five favorite things!

1. Music - the louder the better!

2. archery

3. a good ipa - alchemist anyone?

4. exploring the backwoods

5. dill pickles - specifically homeade ones

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top five favorite things!

1. horses - mostly my own horse, miss b

2. crossfit - because who doesn’t like to sweat a little

3. the perfect burger..with bbq sauce

4. anything and everything outdoors

5. yellowstone national park - the most beautiful place on earth